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Gays in the military

July 26, 2012


     If gay people want to serve their country, then they should be allowed to do so.  However, i think the parameters of the whole thing are a little wrong.  I am getting pretty sick of people that have never been in a combat theater, dictating rules on those that do it day in and day out.  Some of the rules set are completely unreasonable.  I agree to give the gays their rights, but you shouldn’t walk all over the straight members of the armed services just to do so.  

     How can you justify saying that it is illegal to give them separate living arrangements and bathrooms?  If you say that then i want to argue that when i was in i would have liked to go shower in the female shower. Whats the difference?  I’m attracted to females just the same as the gay guys are attracted to gay guys and the gay women are attracted to the gay women.  Even better, why wouldn’t you shower with what you see yourself as.  Send the gay women to the male showers.  But if you do that, then the women will say it is uncomfortable for us to be in the shower with a bunch of guys some of whom might be attracted to us.  So then I have to ask, shouldn’t the straight men and women get the same kind of protection or even consideration.  

     Many don’t realize how intimate and close friendships get in an active war zone.  I shouldn’t have to worry about my brother in arms developing any kind of feelings other than fraternal feelings.  What if two of the gay guys develop a relationship out there, now i have to worry about clouded judgement due to the influence of romance or the heat of a fresh relationship if it works the same way with two guys.  Now you are endangering more people and whether it be right or wrong your are dividing the military and destroying the unity.  This is one of the stupidest thing Obama has done yet.


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