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Obama on gay marriage

July 19, 2012

     All these articles beat around the bush and go back and forth.  It seems like they are focusing on what Obama is saying more than they are focusing on the actual issue.  Did our founding fathers formally write anything at all about gay people or their relationships?  They have not!  So whether or not people agree with it or not, the fact remains that they cannot and do not hurt us by getting married.  The logic that what they are doing is completely wrong and from the devil is something straight from the church and should have no influence on the decision of the government.  Those individuals insisting that it is affecting their pursuit of happiness by not honoring the sanctity of marriage are hilarious.  Because if they are worried about sanctity i’m sure they are going to worry more about the church rituals over the court paper signing and highly doubt the church is going to open their door and perform gay marriages, and if they do their problem is with their church not the state.  

      The fact that Obama waited just to say that he was pro is an indicator that he is just saying what the people want and not really what he believes.  Not only that but he is trying to put the burden on the state governments.  He picked a decision that was not his own and is now trying to avoid it by throwing on someone else.  


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