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Mitt Romney on abortion

July 12, 2012

The beginning of the article alone shows how ignorant this guy really is.  For him to actually say that the morning after pill can destroy the human life that was created at the moment of fertilization, is ridiculous and appalling.  How can someone speak so boldly about something that they know absolutely nothing about.  Any high school teen can tell you that the morning after pill cannot stop a pregnancy once fertilization has occurred.  The morning after pill simply induces a period to evacuate the nutrient lining of the uterus before the egg can be fertilized.

I don’t think that it is right for a politician seeking to be the leader of this great country to be so condemning of something like this.  Not being able to abort past the first trimester is logical and respectable because then and only then does it START to actually be a baby.  That crap about the first seven days is just that…crap.  It starts out as two single celled organisms rapidly multiplying.  That sounds allot like cancer to anyone in the medical field.  So should Mitt Romney jump on chemotherapy and radiation and ban cancer treatments while he is at it.

I would love for these idiots to just for once go off science and not their conscience.  How can he say he isn’t a tyrant if he is forcing everyone around him to live according to his conscience although he is the one ignoring science.  He stays ignorant through out the whole article.  Lets add something else to the table, does he think the government needs the extra strain from all the children that are going to boom because we forced the unprepared mothers to keep growing a couple cells until they actually turned into baby’s.  There are so many aspects that they don’t think of, and the craziest thing is that they probably don’t even live by what they preach; Romney probably only preaches it because he thinks it makes him more appealing.  Be a man and support whats right because the last thing this government needs is another coward to the string of presidents.


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