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Fady Nessim (when should you shoot a cop)

July 5, 2012

The above url takes you to the article that relates the issue to politics

The above url takes you to the article that is the issue and quite frankly is political itself


     The actual article is beautifully written and in my opinion makes a lot of sense.  It really gets your wheels turning.  It makes you really search yourself and ask yourself are you loyal to your morals of right and wrong or are you loyal to tyrannical and self absorbed individual who wears a badge.  If right is right and wrong is wrong then shouldn’t everyone be measured up to that, regardless of their acquisition of a badge or not.  If as an armed bystander you observe someone about to unjustly imminently harm someone, do you not have an obligation to intercede regardless of whether or  not the attacker has a badge or not.  If it was your mother or father would you not want someone to interfere.  The base line is right is right and wrong is wrong.  God didn’t even violate his own rules, surely cops shouldn’t be able to.  

     If the government allows its law enforcers to break the law, then it is in fact an inconsistent government and should be questioned thoroughly, for even the government was intended to serve its people not oppress them.  That is why we have the bill of rights, to make sure that no one can take those rights from the citizens.  If those rights are blatantly disregarded, then why even celebrate independence day.  Why even have split from the English Monarchy to begin with.  If we permit these rights to keep getting violated, then do we not spit on the grave of everyone that has died for our freedom as well as the founders and all of those who truly loved this country.  Who would be considered the real terrorist then?  The question cannot be answered by anyone except your own conscience because that is where the truth is exposed.  I for one am in full support of this article and honor our freedoms and those who have given their lives to provide them and will not have let them die in vain so that i may blindly obey badged law breakers.



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