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mitt romney immigration policy

June 28, 2012

     Mitt Romney’s plan sounds okay to me.  I think it will work i just don’t think that the country should be spending the money on hiring all the extra border patrol officers and building a high tech fence.  I did a little bit of reading about this policy and it sounds good but i don’t know if it is practical.  I can’t begin to pretend that i understand if it will be worth it or not.  I honestly don’t know the numbers and all the pros and cons.  I really do think that the e-verify system will be obsolete.  You can go to home depot in the morning on any given day and see the people that make their living under that table helping with home improvement projects.  How will the Govt possibly stay on top of that.  I see many flaws in that alone. 

    I think there are many good ideas in his policy, but the policy as a whole will never work.  None of the “under the table” jobs are really legal but they exist and they will always exist.  There really isn’t anything you can do about them because they are not big corporations that the government bothers to look at.  If they try to get to the detail they will need more man power, offices, cars, etc. and to chase what?, A couple thousand that each person makes a year so they can pay their share of the rent on a one bedroom apt shared by 6 or 7 people.  I don’t think that we should open our doors but i don’t think we should make it impossible for these people to get in.  A person that wants it bad enough to go through desert and in boxes and what ever other tortures methods to get here is probably running from a valid danger and has no time for the paperwork.  I think it’s a little hypocritical to go to war against another country in order to spread democracy and spend billions and billions on it, and yet deny individuals (seeking refuge from dangers or starvation under a powerful and great nation like ours) the little amount that is nothing compared to the one’s wasted.  The ones that break the laws and come to do harm stick out and get dealt with, but what about the ones that come and live in poverty but stay because the security outweighs it?  I stand on the fence on this issue.


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