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Gays in the military


     If gay people want to serve their country, then they should be allowed to do so.  However, i think the parameters of the whole thing are a little wrong.  I am getting pretty sick of people that have never been in a combat theater, dictating rules on those that do it day in and day out.  Some of the rules set are completely unreasonable.  I agree to give the gays their rights, but you shouldn’t walk all over the straight members of the armed services just to do so.  

     How can you justify saying that it is illegal to give them separate living arrangements and bathrooms?  If you say that then i want to argue that when i was in i would have liked to go shower in the female shower. Whats the difference?  I’m attracted to females just the same as the gay guys are attracted to gay guys and the gay women are attracted to the gay women.  Even better, why wouldn’t you shower with what you see yourself as.  Send the gay women to the male showers.  But if you do that, then the women will say it is uncomfortable for us to be in the shower with a bunch of guys some of whom might be attracted to us.  So then I have to ask, shouldn’t the straight men and women get the same kind of protection or even consideration.  

     Many don’t realize how intimate and close friendships get in an active war zone.  I shouldn’t have to worry about my brother in arms developing any kind of feelings other than fraternal feelings.  What if two of the gay guys develop a relationship out there, now i have to worry about clouded judgement due to the influence of romance or the heat of a fresh relationship if it works the same way with two guys.  Now you are endangering more people and whether it be right or wrong your are dividing the military and destroying the unity.  This is one of the stupidest thing Obama has done yet.


Obama on gay marriage

     All these articles beat around the bush and go back and forth.  It seems like they are focusing on what Obama is saying more than they are focusing on the actual issue.  Did our founding fathers formally write anything at all about gay people or their relationships?  They have not!  So whether or not people agree with it or not, the fact remains that they cannot and do not hurt us by getting married.  The logic that what they are doing is completely wrong and from the devil is something straight from the church and should have no influence on the decision of the government.  Those individuals insisting that it is affecting their pursuit of happiness by not honoring the sanctity of marriage are hilarious.  Because if they are worried about sanctity i’m sure they are going to worry more about the church rituals over the court paper signing and highly doubt the church is going to open their door and perform gay marriages, and if they do their problem is with their church not the state.  

      The fact that Obama waited just to say that he was pro is an indicator that he is just saying what the people want and not really what he believes.  Not only that but he is trying to put the burden on the state governments.  He picked a decision that was not his own and is now trying to avoid it by throwing on someone else.  

Mitt Romney on abortion

The beginning of the article alone shows how ignorant this guy really is.  For him to actually say that the morning after pill can destroy the human life that was created at the moment of fertilization, is ridiculous and appalling.  How can someone speak so boldly about something that they know absolutely nothing about.  Any high school teen can tell you that the morning after pill cannot stop a pregnancy once fertilization has occurred.  The morning after pill simply induces a period to evacuate the nutrient lining of the uterus before the egg can be fertilized.

I don’t think that it is right for a politician seeking to be the leader of this great country to be so condemning of something like this.  Not being able to abort past the first trimester is logical and respectable because then and only then does it START to actually be a baby.  That crap about the first seven days is just that…crap.  It starts out as two single celled organisms rapidly multiplying.  That sounds allot like cancer to anyone in the medical field.  So should Mitt Romney jump on chemotherapy and radiation and ban cancer treatments while he is at it.

I would love for these idiots to just for once go off science and not their conscience.  How can he say he isn’t a tyrant if he is forcing everyone around him to live according to his conscience although he is the one ignoring science.  He stays ignorant through out the whole article.  Lets add something else to the table, does he think the government needs the extra strain from all the children that are going to boom because we forced the unprepared mothers to keep growing a couple cells until they actually turned into baby’s.  There are so many aspects that they don’t think of, and the craziest thing is that they probably don’t even live by what they preach; Romney probably only preaches it because he thinks it makes him more appealing.  Be a man and support whats right because the last thing this government needs is another coward to the string of presidents.

Fady Nessim (when should you shoot a cop)

The above url takes you to the article that relates the issue to politics

The above url takes you to the article that is the issue and quite frankly is political itself


     The actual article is beautifully written and in my opinion makes a lot of sense.  It really gets your wheels turning.  It makes you really search yourself and ask yourself are you loyal to your morals of right and wrong or are you loyal to tyrannical and self absorbed individual who wears a badge.  If right is right and wrong is wrong then shouldn’t everyone be measured up to that, regardless of their acquisition of a badge or not.  If as an armed bystander you observe someone about to unjustly imminently harm someone, do you not have an obligation to intercede regardless of whether or  not the attacker has a badge or not.  If it was your mother or father would you not want someone to interfere.  The base line is right is right and wrong is wrong.  God didn’t even violate his own rules, surely cops shouldn’t be able to.  

     If the government allows its law enforcers to break the law, then it is in fact an inconsistent government and should be questioned thoroughly, for even the government was intended to serve its people not oppress them.  That is why we have the bill of rights, to make sure that no one can take those rights from the citizens.  If those rights are blatantly disregarded, then why even celebrate independence day.  Why even have split from the English Monarchy to begin with.  If we permit these rights to keep getting violated, then do we not spit on the grave of everyone that has died for our freedom as well as the founders and all of those who truly loved this country.  Who would be considered the real terrorist then?  The question cannot be answered by anyone except your own conscience because that is where the truth is exposed.  I for one am in full support of this article and honor our freedoms and those who have given their lives to provide them and will not have let them die in vain so that i may blindly obey badged law breakers.


mitt romney immigration policy

     Mitt Romney’s plan sounds okay to me.  I think it will work i just don’t think that the country should be spending the money on hiring all the extra border patrol officers and building a high tech fence.  I did a little bit of reading about this policy and it sounds good but i don’t know if it is practical.  I can’t begin to pretend that i understand if it will be worth it or not.  I honestly don’t know the numbers and all the pros and cons.  I really do think that the e-verify system will be obsolete.  You can go to home depot in the morning on any given day and see the people that make their living under that table helping with home improvement projects.  How will the Govt possibly stay on top of that.  I see many flaws in that alone. 

    I think there are many good ideas in his policy, but the policy as a whole will never work.  None of the “under the table” jobs are really legal but they exist and they will always exist.  There really isn’t anything you can do about them because they are not big corporations that the government bothers to look at.  If they try to get to the detail they will need more man power, offices, cars, etc. and to chase what?, A couple thousand that each person makes a year so they can pay their share of the rent on a one bedroom apt shared by 6 or 7 people.  I don’t think that we should open our doors but i don’t think we should make it impossible for these people to get in.  A person that wants it bad enough to go through desert and in boxes and what ever other tortures methods to get here is probably running from a valid danger and has no time for the paperwork.  I think it’s a little hypocritical to go to war against another country in order to spread democracy and spend billions and billions on it, and yet deny individuals (seeking refuge from dangers or starvation under a powerful and great nation like ours) the little amount that is nothing compared to the one’s wasted.  The ones that break the laws and come to do harm stick out and get dealt with, but what about the ones that come and live in poverty but stay because the security outweighs it?  I stand on the fence on this issue.

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